🏻‍@heinrihserhards 🏻‍@rendy_em #streetFOOD 🥘14.10.17. @restoranslaivas 

Our pop up night tag line will be “Journey to Asian Street Food BBQ” So The ambiance will be Very Casual Dining Experience, with Asian Comfort Food. 

Our chef Heinrihs Erhards and Indonesian chef Rendy Ekatama Mihardja will send You to this amazing journey:

Laivas Asian. Set. Menu. 2017

• Fresh Oyster. Balinese Matah Salsa. Kaffir lime Juice.

• Grilled Canadian Lobster. Indonesian Romesco. Coriander Oil.

• Duck Leg Confit. Oyster Mushroom. Balado Sauce. Tapioca Chips.

• Chargrill Seabass. Homemade Asian Sambal. Wok Fried Baby Pak choy. Tomato Pickled.

• Pulled Beef Oxtail. Homemade Rice Cake. Cashewnut Sauce. Fried Shallot. Asian Style Remoulade.

• Tapioca Pearl. Palm Sugar. Pandan Gel. Coffee Ice Cream.